We do it all, and so much more. We take pride in catering our services to fit your needs.

Pre-Draft Preparation

  • Create media packages and utilize RIZE’s contacts in the NBA to heighten awareness of players potential
  • Arrange interviews for client with prospective NBA teams
  • Work individually  with professional trainers and coaches to prepare for individual team workouts and pre-draft camps
  • Provide a multi-faceted training program which includes speed, strength, nutrition and overall improvement of basketball skills
  • Arrange Pre-Draft workout schedule for client
  • RIZE Management will provide transportation, accommodations and living expenses as needed during training program leading up to the Draft

Post-Draft Planning

  • Supervise in home and real estate acquisitions
  • Seek out and obtain real estate or property management companies to assist client with living accommodations in NBA city.
  • Find a local banking institution for client
  • Put clients in contact with professional certified public accountants (CPA’s) and investment advisors who will guide and advise all financial decisions both during their career and during post-career planning.
  • Work with client on cash management
  • Advise client with all other relocation issues and concerns.

Strategic Marketing & Licensing

  • Secure opportunities for client to maximize his financial earning power off the court.
  • Align the client with endorsements/ sponsorships in all major categories.Seek out, negotiate, and obtain marketing endorsements in wide variety of markets (international, domestic, and local) and in vast products and services (footwear, apparel, trading cards, car sponsorships, electronic media, and many more).
  • Generate income from creating an image and name brand out of the athletic performances and off court appearances of client. Assist client in securing copyright and trademark rights to player’s name, logo and likeness.
  • Identify companies seeking sports personalities to make appearances and/or participate in speaking engagements that align with client’s personality and image.

Contract Negotiation

Using their business and legal backgrounds, Rize Management will secure a contract that recognizes each client’s top market value and potential for advancement in the future.

Legal Assistance

Founded by a lawyer, Rize Management has the capabilities to locate and connect players with the appropriate legal services should legal assistance be deemed necessary.

Charitable Endeavors

  • Develop opportunities for client to commit to a charitable goal of their preference.
  • Encourage our clients to give back to communities, schools, and organizations in the client’s home area as well as the city where he resides.

Personal Services

Rize Management sees its relationship with their clients as both professional and personal.  We are here to assist with the day to day off the court decisions that come about throughout a player’s career, be it family matters, team relationships, or any other personal issues.