Who We Are

Rize Management is a full service sports and entertainment management firm based in Los Angeles. Rize Management was founded by Scott W. Nichols who has used his business and legal background to pursue his passion in sports and entertainment by giving his clients the highest quality service. With degrees in both law and business, Scott Nichols (CEO) founded Rize Management with the goal of making an agency that focused on the “Rize” of the player/entertainer, from pre-draft workout regimen to post career financial planning, as well as everything in between.

Rize Management works with the NBA and International basketball leagues and has in depth experience in negotiating and drafting both international and NBA contracts. Rize Management also works with entertainers in all areas, to obtain the most lucrative contracts both domestically and internationally.


Rize Management prides itself on its high level service while giving each player his own personal attention.  While most agencies are growing bigger by the day, the agents at Rize Management believe in targeting a smaller clientele that allows each agent to have face time with each player.  Many agencies will have interns or “runners” call GMs or scouts and attend NBA camps/workouts, but at Rize Management each agent will handle all business matters.  No agent is bigger than the player, and every player will be known around the NBA and associated with an agent and not an assistant or “runner.”  We look for many different opportunities for our players to maximize their earning potential.  Unlike most agencies we think “outside the box.”

Many agencies recruit over 15 to 20 players a year, Rize Management has made a concentrated effort to recruit only a few players a year. While Rize Management is a business, it does not want to lose its focus on each individual client.  Because we have a small recruiting class, every player will spend “quality time” with the agent.

After assisting you in accomplishing your goals, we at Rize Management will not relax because our work as your representative is never complete.  We are here to serve our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.