Eric Redd

Eric Redd is the head trainer of RIZE Management and is one of the top athletic trainers in California. He is an experienced athletic movement coach who has trained high school, college, and professional athletes. He was a collegiate 800 meter runner but works primarily with basketball athletes. Eric is certified to train through NCCPT. His training is scientifically based and Eric holds Z-Health Joint and Mobility R-Phase, I-Phase and S-Phase certifications ( The training focuses on each athlete as an individual. Athletes are assessed and the following attributes are developed: strength, skill, sustenance (nutrition), suppleness, stamina, structure, spirit, style and speed. A plan is devised and these 9 S’s of fitness are developed separately or at the same time. Those skills can be enhanced by using; dynamic joint mobility drills, visual perceptual skill development, athletic vestibular training, correct athletic movement, fundamentals, lateral speed development, linear speed development, z-based plyometrics, and power generation.

Cutting edge training information is put into practice by implementing different training tools. These tools range from barbells, dumbells, kettlebells, speed equipment, bands, tubing, and most importantly the athlete’s own body. Basketball training is aimed at improving all skills necessary to the game. Special emphasis is placed on the needs of the particular player and the particular situation. Basketball training can include ball handling, shooting, footwork or those skills specific to NBA individual workouts. It must be pointed out that this is not cookie cutter training with a one size fits all mentality. Each athlete will be trained individually and not in large groups that provide little individual attention.