Dante Sinclair

Dante is RIZE Management’s Recruiting Coordinator and also heads our marketing group. Dante’s passion for sports began with his work at the University of Arizona. There he began working with the Sports Marketing Association on the promotion of sports for the Wildcats. Several of the projects Dante involved himself with included the marketing and promoting of Arizona sports throughout the U of A community.

From there Dante attended graduate school at the University of Miami where he obtained his Masters Degree in Sports Management. The Sports Management program assisted with several projects in the Miami area, including the Miami Hurricanes, Miami Heat, Florida Panthers, Doral Open, and Alonzo Mourning’s ZoSummer Grove. After graduate school, Dante continued his work in sports by working with the sales and marketing department for the Staples Center. It is through these experiences that Dante has been able to develop relationships and experience for the sports field.