Ekene Ibekwe Keeps NBA Fight Alive In Germany, One Blocked Shot At A Time

Mention the name Ekene Ibekwe to any die-hard Toronto Raptors fan and they’ll recount how he was taken off the court at Cox Pavilion on a stretcher and rushed to UMC Medical Center during the Las Vegas Summer League in 2009.

Ibekwe was injured trying to make a game-saving block against then Phoenix Suns point guard Goran Dragic who drove the lane in the final seconds. Ibekwe blocked the shot and crashed to the floor over Dragic, nailing his chin on the hardwood.

The Raptors got the 74-73 win that day.

The former Maryland Terrapins’ power forward survived the fall and suffered two sprained wrists and six stitches to his chin.

Three years later, Ekene Ibekwe remains strong at heart in full survival mode overseas playing everywhere from Israel, France, Turkey, Iran and today in Germany where he roams the low blocks for BBC Bayreuth in Germany’s premiere Beko BBL.

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Source: Wendell Maxey, Ridiculous Upside